Monday, 20 May 2013

This is my video for my I.T. summer project. Its just a short video about what I've done in horse riding over the last few weeks :)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

 So last week we went on our retreat to Tallaght and it was totes emosh! We all got into groups that we were comfortable talking in front of and were given a list of questions to answer. One question that had us all in tears was the 'most difficult time of our lives'. :'( Although it was really hard I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and happier.
  On Friday we had La Glas. Our years theme was Leperchauns so we all had to dress up like them. Out of my class I went down to represent us in the parade along with Orla Conway and Abbie Keegan. Over all in our year Orla won but we all got easter eggs anyways :D

Tomorrow we are going on a short retreat in Kildare village, then going for lunch at whitewater shopping centre and then bowling :)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

  This week we are going on our T.Y. retreat!! Were going tomorrow and its in Tallaght (I think!) It should be fun because all the tys are going and when we get there were aloud to pick our own groups. We also get to wear normal clothes :)
  Friday is La Glass and we have to dress up! Our theme is Leperchauns so it should be fun to see everyone dressed up :D
  I would also like to say congratulations to Rachel Martin and Rachel Malone who participated in the regional finals of the Junk Kouture on Monday and have gotten through to the National Finals!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!
  Ill post again after the retreat :)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


  Recently we went into town with the rest of the T.Y.'s to participate in Lollipop day! We got into groups of four (I was with Shannon Farrelley, Daina Hosty and Aisling Cunniffe) and then we were assigned different places around Grafton Street. We got hats and tshirts to show we where collecting for charity. We also had boxes that held the lollipops, badges and money.

  We had to work in shifts so we could get lunch and Shannon and I took our lunch first. We decided to take full advantage of the fact we were in Town and popped into Abercrombie to get a picture (or two) with the models ;) It was fuuuuuuuuuuun

It was a good experiance and over the course of the day I really gained confidence talking to the people and convincing them to donate. By the end of our time I was nearly following people down the street!

Im excited for this Thursday because were going to Intel for a day about different careers. Intel have been kind enough to fund this trip for us so im looking forward to this great oppurtunity to learn mor about future careers :D


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

  This week we had the Sci-fest competition in science. Im in a group with Orla Sweeney and Ciara Walsh. Our project is to Investigate the Affects of Various Cooking Methodson Vitamin C Levels. We choose broccoli as the food we would test. We've been doing this project since the end of September and have been working very hard to finsh our report books and our posters. We were seen by all four judges that were there on the day and they all asked us a few questions on the experiment and research we did.
  They were all very interested by the chemical we used to test for vitamin c, called DCPIP. This is because it is used in a Leaving Cert practical and so is the formulas we used to get our results.
   In the end we were very happy because we got through in the top ten to go on for the competition in Tallaght! We also found out that we actually came third and won a little key-ring :D

   All in all last week was a very good week :)
  Recently in Religion we have been doing projects on conflict. I worked in a group with Shannon Farrelley and Daina. We choose to do World War 2 as our conflict and picked a small section of it to focus on. We decided to do the Haloucaust as we've always found that to be the most interesting part of the war.

  We did our project on prezi and found out alot of interesting information. Did you know that one of the reasons that Hitler didnt like Jews was because he did not get accepted into a mostly Jewish Univerdity and thought him not being a jew was the reason why? Ghettos were the name given to areas that the Nazis had taken over and forced all the Jews out of.
  A a result of the Holocaust around six million jews were killed. Thats one and a half times the population of Ireland! Over one million of these were young, innocent children. One good thing though, was that this led to the formation of the United Nations which has helped stop a lot of other conflicts around the world.

              This is a star of David that Jews were forced to wear so people would know who they were.

 This was the the gate of Auschwitz, one of the biggest concentration camps during WW2.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

  This week we made cheesecake in Home Ec. I was cooking with Shannon and we decided to do a jaffacake flavoured cheesecake which ended up tasting horriable :/ It was very sad but we had cake to cheer us up though because it was Shannons birthday.
  After the cake we had to go get into our tracksuits for a workshop called Jabba Jabba Jembee. It was loads of fun because we got to play the drums and loads of percussion instruments :D  It was done by a guy called David who was really cool and had lived in Ghana in Africa for a couple of years.
 <- Jembe          <-Shekere

 <- Asalato

image.jpeg  Daina and Aisling looking lovely in their pretty hats :D

Im really excited for Friday because its lollipop day which had been postponed from earlier in the year :) Were going into town and trying to sell lollipops to raise money for cancer research.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;D